Use of Infographics for SEO and Public Relations

Use of Infographics for SEO and Public Relations

Creating Infographics (IG’s) can seem confusing and difficult to put together. As Digital Marketers we segment our Infographics by the goal of the campaign either for SEO purposes to build credible backlinks and the other is to support Public Relations efforts.

Many would argue is that they are on in the same. That is not true, to rank for Google through SEO you need quality content both onsite and offsite. Onsite content should be the source of information with backlinks connecting to it’s the page (containing the content) from credible sites.

We recently created an Infographic for an important client, Dr. Monica Tadros, who is a Facial Plastic Surgeon out of NYC and NJ. She sees a correlation between allergies and sinus issues. Therefore we created an Infographic to raise awareness of the matter. We kept it short and sweet on purpose to get greater pick-ups. Now for SEO, we submitted to various directories to build awareness from a backlinking perspective. No proprietary strategy, just a lot of hard work and outreach to get it picked up by interested parties. SEO is often tedious and manually done in order to not get penalized by Google. The Infographic was picked up by seven sources and ranks for Top Allergy Triggers locally.

As for Public Relations, we took a different angle. We did a press release and journalist outreach sharing the piece for use on their sites. Although it did not garner any TV interviews, it was syndicated and picked up by close to 15 sites. This was a PR play as it created awareness for our client. The media sites were happy to pick-up our Infographic as they are always starving for content. With that said, we built some inroads for future placements, and they have already resulted in additional exposure providing high-quality media backlinks. Don’t think a simple Infographic won’t work, think again?

Check out our simple Infographic that garnered over 1,000,000 media impressions.



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