Unique Ways to Always Have Your Brand On Show

Unique Ways to Always Have Your Brand On Show

Keeping a brand relevant and on show is extremely important for any business – and especially crucial for businesses that market towards and rely upon public consumption. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to keep your brand on show – even when a new product release or large-scale marketing campaign is not on the cards. Here are some of the most effective ways to keep your brand in the public eye. 

Branded Clothing

One hyper-efficient way of keeping your brand on show is to have consumers physically wear your branded materials as clothing. This is a tried and tested method used by fashion and sports brands, but it can work for businesses in any field thanks to the ease with which custom clothing can be printed. Companies like Anthem Branding can produce fully customized shoes, and clothing adorned with unique branded designs. Adorning classic clothing designs with your logo is a sure-fire way to make sure that your brand identity stays on show. 

Good market research is essential. Before ordering a batch of branded clothing, you need to identify the fashion habits of your target audience. By correctly honing in on a target fashion demographic, you can ensure that your brand is being shown off to the people most likely to engage with it. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have one thing in common: influence. Brand awareness can be cultivated (and maintained) by partnering with influential figures on the internet. Public-facing businesses should be open to cultivating a streamlined and robust network of high quality influencers, according to a recent Insider Intelligence report

Online influencers speak directly to your target audience. If you correctly identify influencers that speak to your key demographics and have great brand fit, you can cultivate a direct line between your business and your targets. 

Company Partnerships

Partnering with companies that consumers trust is a great way to keep your brand in the public eye, even when you are not releasing new product lines or launching new marketing campaigns. When two companies appeal to similar audiences, then working together can help reap huge benefits. An example of this inter-business mutual aid is the long-running partnership between Red Bull and GoPro. Red Bull’s partnership pumps money into the adventure camera producer while GoPro’s image enhances Red Bull’s branding – which is heavily geared towards adrenaline sports enthusiasts. 

Cultivate An Audio Brand

You might think that the days of brands spreading awareness of their identities via audio died with the golden age of the radio. You would be wrong. Audio branding is just as important now as it ever was, thanks to the ubiquity of podcasts and music streaming services. Don’t limit your brand to being visual only. Melody was always the first thing advertisers thought of when creating audio branding in the past. A catchy hook was often the only thing that any thought went into when producing a radio ad. Today, musical texture is seen as equally important. The feel of audio can help reinforce brand identity.

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