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Tom LaVecchia500px

Tom LaVecchia


President and CEO of X Factor, Thomas La Vecchia, MBA began the company as X Factor Digital Marketing almost a decade ago to give business owners access to the best sales and digital marketing talent. In 2012 he developed a 4-step sales process called “The X Factor Selling System,” which became an Amazon best-selling title. Tom specializes in attracting, converting and retaining customers. Tom’s goal is to provide your business with the tools for success including sales training, SEO, public relations and more through an omnipresent approach.  Tom is a best-selling (2X) for both editions of The X Factor Selling System.  He also authored the first ever textbook covering Male Aesthetic Surgery edited by Dr, Douglas S. Steinbrech.  He is also host of the New Theory Podcast.

Michael Scivoli

Michael Scivoli

Creative Director/COO

Michael is an experienced creative director, writer, and operations specialist. Driven by a passion for words and visual aesthetics, he takes pride in providing creative solutions that stand out. In addition to digital marketing, Michael has spent nearly a decade in New Jersey print media. As X Factor’s content director, his goal is to apply a detail-oriented approach learned from his past experiences to today’s current advertising climate. Michael studied at Montclair State University and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the New Jersey Digest.


Christine Lisi

Senior Graphic Designer

Christine is a graphic designer born and raised in New Jersey. Her passion for drawing at an early age led to her discovery of design and a desire to make it her career. She graduated from Monmouth University with her BFA in Graphic Design and has had a passion for creating and innovating ever since. Regardless of the medium she is working in, Christine is determined to solve design problems with solutions that inspire.