X Factor Media Movie Marketing

Your One-Stop Shop to Amplify Your Film’s X Factor

Indie Filmmakers: Don't hope for your movie to be seen... make certain it will.

At X-Factor Media Movie Marketing, we understand the overwhelming challenges you faced, in bringing your film to life. Do you really want to let it go and ‘see what happens’? Hope it will pop, and people will notice it? It doesn’t work like that, and never did.

That’s where we come in.

We're more than just marketers, we're your film's personal launchpad.

We offer a comprehensive, one-stop-shop solution designed to take your film from the editing room to a Spotlight, no matter your destination – the silver screen, streaming platforms, or the heart of social media.

At X-Factor, our Team makes your Movie (and You), known and familiar to the type of people that would be most interested in your film, around the Country. We make people WANT to see your Movie.

Here's how we empower your film's journey

One-Stop Convenience

Cinema Release

We’ll guide you through distribution and orchestrate captivating press campaigns, igniting anticipation for your theatrical debut.

Video On Demand (VOD)

From platform optimization to influencer partnerships and community engagement, we’ll ensure your film shines bright on VOD platforms, captivating online audiences.

Social Media Marketing

We’ll become your social media maestros, crafting compelling content, strategizing targeted campaigns, and maximizing your online reach.

Public Relations

Our seasoned PR team will weave your film’s story into media narratives, securing interviews, reviews, and features that amplify your voice and build buzz.

Ready to launch your film with the X Factor advantage?

Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s discuss how we can help you.

How do YOU know about new movies?

They are placed in front of you to see. You were targeted. And the ONLY way to ensure success of your endeavor and happy investors is by having a professional marketing Company make that happen for you.

Some benefits of expanded reach for your film:

  • Increase chances to secure distribution deals
  • Capture media attention & generate buzz
  • Build a thriving online community
  • Reach & engage your target audience
  • Maximize your film’s reach and impact

Don't leave your career to chance. Plan for the success of your Movie.

This is what we do. Let us get you there.