Have you Embraced Digital Marketing?

Have you Embraced Digital Marketing?

Strategies for many major industries have gone through, and will go through, change. Even as the digital age has been around for quite some time-the modo is ‘keep changing’. Why is the modo not change to ‘this’? And how is this affecting those who received their education decades ago?

This trend of change is not going to stop any time soon. Yes, we did change to a digital age-but in that age there are endless possibilities.

A cautionary tale is that of the news industry. They snubbed the digital world for too long and they are still paying for it-still scrambling to come up with a lucrative business plan. The lesson there is to jump on the train when it rolls by, don’t be afraid let go of all that you know and think on an entirely different plane.

One industry that took to the digital change quickly was the marketing industry. As soon as print news stayed in print they up and left to explore a new world; of niche marketing and targeted ads on the web.

However marketing is, and will forever be, ever evolving. Marketing specialists and business owners need to follow where the people go, and the people are going in the many directions that are available to them via the web.

An article on Forbes.com was posted in Nov. titled, “The End of the Expert: Why No One in Marketing Knows What They’re Doing.” This article brings up a lot of valid points to once ‘marketing experts’- although tough to hear.

The article states the idea that what most Marketing majors have been educated on years ago-is no longer relevant.

However- the traits of a successful person would allow them to read such an article and see opportunity-not defeat. The opportunity that comes with constant change is that neither the newly educated or the previously educated can see what hasn’t yet come.

The driven and opportunistic of the marketing world will see that to be successful now is much more valuable than ever before.

As long as complacency in not in your vocabulary the possibilities are endless.

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