Grow Your Business With Geofencing Services in New Jersey

geofencing services in new jersey

Grow Your Business With Geofencing Services in New Jersey

Location-based technology such as geofencing can help businesses in New Jersey attract new customers using a virtual “fence” in micro-targeted locations of their choice. When a smartphone crosses this barrier, the “fence” will trigger advertisements directly to the consumer who owns it. Localized marketing works. Make it work for you.

What is Geofencing?

Put simply, geofencing is a term used to describe hyper-localized, targeted marketing actions based on the precise location of consumers’ mobile devices. Companies can set up specific, geographic boundaries, and send targeted advertisements to any devices within it. If you’ve ever entered your favorite New Jersey ice cream shop, opened up your browser, and seen an ad for discounts on ice cream, that location may have been geo-fenced.

Geofencing services in New Jersey can trigger a variety of pre-programmed actions on mobile devices, all designed to attract new customers throughout the state. Where this virtual “fence” is placed is up to you and your digital marketing manager. Companies offering geofencing services can place it around your business, or that of a rival. The main goal, however, is the same. Geofencing allows you to target a specific audience in New Jersey. When someone enters this specific area, the consumer may see push notifications, alerts, or ads on social media.

In short, geofencing allows you to target a specific audience in a location of your choice. In a highly populated, diverse state like New Jersey, geofencing services allow you to narrow down your audience and grow your business.

How Geofencing Works

More and more businesses in New Jersey are using geofencing services every day. Let’s say you are a New Jersey commercial real estate brokerage firm; your goal is to capture potential clients who have the disposable income necessary to make a large offer. In this scenario, you might geofence a higher-traffic building housing financial professionals. Setting up a geofence is the perfect way to get a step up on the competition.

To reach your target audience, businesses first need to establish the geographic location they wish to focus on. For this location-based marketing, the where is the first step – and the most important. Most likely, this zone will encompass the area directly surrounding your store. This will target potential customers when they enter this zone, thus alerting you to a potential sale. It is also possible to geofence the area surrounding a competitor. This gives your business the chance to disrupt the competition.

geofencing services in new jersey

You can pull customers from rivals by alerting them to the deals or services which make your business the better option. In any case, it is a predefined area which is the essence of geofencing. X Factor Media’s New Jersey geofencing services can establish these virtual boundaries for you.

Establishing the geofence is the first step. Once your “area” is fenced off, you will be able to communicate with potential customers. When they — and their smartphone — enter this area, you can arrange certain alerts or triggers for them to see. They must, however, have location services turned on. For this reason, geofencing alerts are most common within mobile apps in which users have enabled such location services. If you have a Jersey City-based spa, users who have downloaded your app can receive alerts when entering your geofence. If you have their mobile numbers, you can also arrange for them to receive SMS alerts.

In this respect, by focusing on specific geographic locations, geofencing is a great way to reach your best target audience. Capitalize your return on investment by establishing a geofence, and serve ads to your New Jersey customers.

What Are Brands Doing With Geofencing In The Real World?

Businesses across New Jersey are using geofencing services to expand their customer base. As geofencing allows for a diverse array of marketing techniques, different brands use the service in different ways.

One of the best-known uses of geofencing is in ride-sharing services. Companies like Uber and Lyft use it to great effect. Geofencing is essential to ride-sharing in general, as it allows customers to find drivers in their vicinity. But it gets even more interesting than that. Let’s say you land at Newark International Airport after a long flight. Geofencing allows Uber or Lyft to send this, and the app might send you a notification alerting you to drivers near the airport.

geofencing services in new jersey
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Other common applications of geofencing services include GPS navigation apps like Waze or Apple Maps. If you’re on a long road trip, the app may alert you to hotels, restaurants or gas stations in your area.

Geofencing is a practical and efficient marketing tool for your New Jersey business, large or small.

What are the Benefits of Geofencing?

The benefits of geofencing services in New Jersey are varied. Setting up a “fence” around rival businesses can allow you to attract customers away from the competition. This can alert customers to a better deal or sale, while it is already likely that they are out shopping.

Geofencing a concert or event will help target potential customers who are already out, and likely ready to spend money. Or, geofencing your own business will alert customers to sales and marketing incentives that they might not know of. Either way, geofencing is an effective way to develop and retain a New Jersey customer base.

What is the Future of Geofencing?

As geofencing services become more popular with businesses in New Jersey and everywhere in the world, the marketing possibilities it allows are also growing. It is hard to predict where the technology will lead, but it is certain that businesses will be able to target a more and more specific set of consumers relevant to their business.

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