Digital Marketing for Sports Gambling in New Jersey

With the recent announcement that federally banning sports gambling has been deemed unconstitutional, it’s absolutely certain that companies throughout New Jersey will want to bring betting to their customers. Sports gambling is ready to become a huge economic boom, and wise company owners will want to make sure that they get as much headway into this new industry, as quickly as they can.

If you want to market your own sports gambling company in New Jersey, you’re going to need to find a company that understands the thrill that comes with a bet. X Factor Media has the experience, talent, and tools you need to create a world-class digital marketing campaign for your sports gambling company.

Our plans include…

  • SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, allows people to find you by searching up terms related to your particular type of sports gambling online. SEO is what allows your site to climb to the top of Google’s rankings, which in turn, will help you get the visibility that you need from the very people who would love to use your service.
  • Public Relations Advising. Being a sports betting company in New Jersey is not easy. Competition is sky-high, and a single bad online review can be enough to harm your ability to find new clients. X Factor Media has the skills, experience, and tools necessary to help you overcome bad press.
  • Press and Visibility. Using our years of experience, ample press contacts, and specialized press release procedures, we can help you reach the public eye in ways that other advertising companies simply cannot. If you want to see your company in news headlines, we can make it happen.

Our press links include major A-list names such as Forbes, Social Lifestyle, Inc, Thought Catalog, Business, and many more.
Your company gets presented in the best possible light, attracting more clients than ever before just through your reputation alone.

  • Website Design. We can offer website design that is crisp, beautiful, and ready to captivate your audience. Your website will be the first thing people see when they seek out a new sports betting venue, or when they’re looking for a new gambling site. X Factor Media ensures that you will put your best foot forward.
  • Public Persona Coaching. Just like with any other type of company, it’s very possible that the CEO of a sports gambling company could become a public personality. X Factor Media ensures that you will be able to present yourself as a true professional on major sites like LinkedIn.
  • Social Media Management. Too often, companies who want to get in touch with their clients end up hurting their online presence by making serious social media mistakes. At X Factor, one of our top specialties includes social media marketing that engages clients—and also helps you get more conversions, more customer loyalty, and a better reputation than ever before.

We offer social media marketing on the following platforms:


Why X Factor Media?

The newly legalized arena of sports gambling will not be an easy industry to break into, and just like with any major money-making industry, marketing will be what divides the winners from the losers. Many excellent companies have met their demise because they didn’t advertise well, or chose to cut corners on advertising when it was the most crucial.

As a sports gambling company owner, you’re already well-aware that there are plenty of times when gambling is great. However, gambling with your company’s future is never acceptable. Choosing X Factor Media is the safe bet that will have your profits soaring—and that’s why so many top companies trust us with their reputation.  Call Tom La Vecchia at 908-377-6906 to set-up a no obligation consultation.