Social Media Management & Marketing

[mt_one_half]Social Media Management and Marketing [/mt_one_half] [mt_one_half_last] Social media has become one of the top sources driving customers to a brand. However, managing multiple accounts can become distracting and time consuming. We provide social media campaigns and analysis driven results to measure customer growth. Grow your brands’ awareness and interact with your target audience, hands-free, as X Factor Digital Marketing provides all content and updates your social media accounts daily!

X Factor Digital Marketing:
•Creates and designs social media accounts for Twitter, YouTube, WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and more!
•Develops and manages social media campaigns
•Produces all original content
•Delivers social media influence analysis
•Provides social media to client turnover

By offering an array of digital marketing services, our team will work to get you the greatest online presence possible-both physically and aesthetically.[/mt_one_half_last]