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6 Oct 2019

You Can Now Use Emaculpt For Arms in New Jersey

Dr, Barry DiBernardo now offers Emsculpt for Arms at his New Jersey Plastic Surgery Office:


He was also a lead investigator on the trials for Emsculpt as well.

Check out Dr. DiBernardo’s latest video to see the technology in action.

6 Feb 2019

The Benefits of Project Management Training

One of the most essential processes in business is project management. Conducting regular project management training is incredibly beneficial, giving you the right knowledge and skills that come along with managing a project. Here are a few benefits of project management training.

Setting Goals and Objectives

One of the main benefits that you will receive from training in project management is the ability to set realistic times and goals. Being able to prioritize goals is a key trait in business, which can allow you to make great use of your time. When set with a task, it’s important that you can set aside what needs to be completed first. Time is money when it comes to running a business, so you will want to use your minutes wisely in order to get the task done on time.

Knowing the Needs of Your Business

Understanding the needs and resources of your business is essential. This could either be in the form of manpower, money or time. Making good use of project management training will allow you to determine how to set realistic budgets for future projects, as well as estimating the resources needed.

Producing Documents for Review

Another benefit of training is that you’ll learn how to produce documents needed for review. Every step of a project needs to be documented, whether in the planning stages or throughout. This will give you a solid and reliable record that you can use to verify your project during a review. Training will give you the necessary skills needed to produce well-documented project completion reviews and proofs.

Working Better with Information Systems

Understanding information systems in business is another aspect that you need to be up to date with. In this day and age, project management is not done manually. Instead, you will need to be up to date with applications and programs to stay on track of your project. Once you have completed your project management training, you will be able to offer your expertise to colleagues who may not have a great knowledge of how computers work, or to those who do not feel comfortable using them.

Other Benefits

There are several other benefits that you will receive after completing project management training such as improved efficiency, which means you will be able to accurately set a schedule, scope, and budget at the beginning of a project. When using your techniques and tools effectively, clients will be satisfied with your output.

Training Programs

Once you are ready to begin your project management training, it’s best to look online at sites like where you can find the type of course you want, how long the course will last as well as where it will be located. You can also compare courses to see which is right for you.

Undergoing regular project management training is essential for a business to succeed. Not only will it improve efficiency and enhance your confidence; you will also gain a fresh perspective on your business, which will give you new techniques that you can apply to any task.

27 Dec 2018

How To Use Videos To Promote Your Plastic Surgery Practice

The tip of the week is to set-up and optimize your YouTube Channel.  Dr. Gordon Kaplan, X Factor Media client’s video has garnered over 300,000 one on video alone.

Check out the video here:

To learn more about Liquid Rhinoplasty in New Jersey click here



20 Jun 2018

The Shift Towards Non-Invasive Procedures: Virtual Skin Spa Has The Answers

Throughout the country, a very shocking shift in the beauty industry has started to happen. Plastic surgery, once considered to be the pinnacle of all things aesthetic, has started to fall to the wayside in favor of non-invasive procedures like dermal fillers, CoolSculpting, and microneedling.

It’s a shift many industry insiders never would have seen coming in past decades. However, it’s happening, even to the point that Hollywood’s elite have started to undergo non-invasive procedures rather than just splurging for classic “nip and tuck” types of cosmetic treatments.

Baffling though it may be for some, the truth is that the popularity of non-invasive cosmetic procedures is one that makes sense—and not only because they are less expensive. The risk of undergoing fully invasive plastic surgery is very real, and at times, can even be potentially lethal.

Risk alone, though, don’t explain the full story of what’s going on with the world of cosmetology these days. Plastic surgery itself has seen a drop in price as techniques have gotten more refined throughout the years. The results have definitely gotten better, so if money weren’t an object, one would assume that people would still opt for invasive surgeries to get the looks they want.

So, really, what’s going on here? We decided to ask Theresa Pinson at Long Island’s Virtual Skin Spa to find out.

Better Results Than Ever Before

When it comes to the world of beauty treatments, the results you get are king. People will always pay top dollar for being able to look better than ever before, and if more people are getting non-invasive procedures even when they can afford to get a full facelift, that should tell you something.

Due to the advances in medical technology, the results that people have been getting with non-invasive cosmetic procedures have been, at the very least, equal to many classic plastic surgery procedures. Some, such as lip injections and other dermal fillers, have actually given clients more natural results than what traditional plastic surgery could offer.

One staff member at Virtual Skin Spa explained it this way, “People love the fact that non-invasive procedures look so natural. Why would anyone want to have extra scars, when they could just get results without having to worry about people noticing incision lines at all?”

Cost Is An Issue

Another issue that has often held back clients from getting surgery is the fact that it’s prohibitively expensive. Not many people have several thousand dollars to spend on plastic, especially when they have families to feed and investments to make.

Non-invasive procedures are naturally going to be cheaper, simply because they require less anesthesia, less equipment, and of course, fewer staff members to oversee everything. With everything less expensive, it makes sense why many people are opting for equally effective non-invasive procedures.

Less Downtime

Downtime isn’t something that should be taken lightly. You need time to rest after an invasive procedure, otherwise, it could cause complications or even cause your procedure to fail. Depending on the surgical procedure you want to get, the amount of time you could have to take off from work could be as long as four weeks.

Most people don’t get four weeks of vacation.

Non-invasive procedures rarely, if ever, require downtime that exceeds one to two days. The excessivee downtime of traditional plastic surgery puts many procedures out of the question, which in turn, drives the demand for non-invasive procedures through the roof.

The Surgery Stigma Is Real

Finally, there’s something to be said about the stigma that comes from saying that you’ve had plastic surgery. Though it’s not necessarily fair, the scars that show you’ve “had work done” tend to be stigmatized in mainstream society.

Non-invasive procedures don’t carry that same stigma, which in turn, makes them a lot more user-friendly to people. Regardless of whether the stigma is right or wrong, the truth is that it’s made a huge change n the way that people think about procedures—and that’s what leads us to the point we’re at today.

30 May 2017

Use of Infographics for SEO and Public Relations

Creating Infographics (IG’s) can seem confusing and difficult to put together. As Digital Marketers we segment our Infographics by the goal of the campaign either for SEO purposes to build credible backlinks and the other is to support Public Relations efforts.

Many would argue is that they are on in the same. That is not true, to rank for Google through SEO you need quality content both onsite and offsite. Onsite content should be the source of information with backlinks connecting to it’s the page (containing the content) from credible sites.

We recently created an Infographic for an important client, Dr. Monica Tadros, who is a Facial Plastic Surgeon out of NYC and NJ. She sees a correlation between allergies and sinus issues. Therefore we created an Infographic to raise awareness of the matter. We kept it short and sweet on purpose to get greater pick-ups. Now for SEO, we submitted to various directories to build awareness from a backlinking perspective. No proprietary strategy, just a lot of hard work and outreach to get it picked up by interested parties. SEO is often tedious and manually done in order to not get penalized by Google. The Infographic was picked up by seven sources and ranks for Top Allergy Triggers locally.

As for Public Relations, we took a different angle. We did a press release and journalist outreach sharing the piece for use on their sites. Although it did not garner any TV interviews, it was syndicated and picked up by close to 15 sites. This was a PR play as it created awareness for our client. The media sites were happy to pick-up our Infographic as they are always starving for content. With that said, we built some inroads for future placements, and they have already resulted in additional exposure providing high-quality media backlinks. Don’t think a simple Infographic won’t work, think again?

Check out our simple Infographic that garnered over 1,000,000 media impressions.



Infographic Source:

11 Jan 2014

It’s Time You Learn the Importance of: PPC Vs. SEO

As we enter 2014, none of us can deny that search engines such as Google play a major role in our small-medium sized business success. We want our customers to find us on the web- but more so, we want customers searching for solutions to find us first. Different from someone typing in your website specifically, you want someone searching for “Best Greek Restaurants in NJ” to find your restaurant, or “Facelift in NYC” to find your plastic surgery website.

In order to have your website link come up on search engines (and stand out) to potential customers searching relevant keywords, you must make a decision: PPC (pay per click) advertising or building organic SEO.

First you need to understand the difference:

PPC is paying to come up for certain keywords on search engines. This tactic may provide an immediate influx of clicks to your website, yet it may be expensive depending on the amount of people competing to come up for the same keywords. The downside of PPC is that once you end your campaign, your website will drop off of search engines completely. By solely using PPC campaigns you will always have to advertise and be at the mercy of keyword costs-which can be an uphill battle for some in a competitive space.

Organic SEO is to make your website search engine friendly, by doing a number of tactics to make search engines like and trust your website- therefore having it organically come up in search engines for keywords. This takes time to build up, yet unlike PPC, these results do not revert. Coming up organically for keywords is the best possible outcome for your website.

Finally it is important to note, that where your website comes up on Google will be different if using PPC vs. SEO. [See Image Below-Red represents PPC placements, Blue represents organic (SEO) results] This is important to note because studies show that roughly 70 percent of people searching will click the organic results, versus 30 percent of people who will click on the PPC results (ads).

xf blog

What Does PPC Involve/How Does it Work?

PPC: Pay Per Click advertising is exactly what is sounds like. You are paying for an advertising spot, much like a commercial slot. Setting up a PPC campaign involves choosing which key words you’d like to bid on, such as “Coffee shops in Wayne NJ”. Once you select your key words you will set an amount you’d like to pay for each time your website comes up for that search and someone clicks on your link. Keep in mind, that other people are also bidding on the same keywords (which is a good thing, since you don’t want to pay for keywords that no one is typing in to search engines). However this means that the more competitive the keywords are, the higher you will have to bid to come up on searches. PPC should be monitored closely and changed by amount or keyword depending on the results you receive and the market.

How Do I Build Organic SEO?

Making your website search engine friendly involves a number of tactics and can be achieved in different ways-or in a variety of different ways. X Factor Digital Marketing does manage PPC campaigns, however we specialize in building organic SEO. XFDM does this for three reasons:

  • the results remain
  • it is a way to gain entry into the Google market if your keyword prices for PPC are very high
  • Most people click on organic results

Link building, tactics done on the back end of websites, and P.R. are all ways to build organic SEO.

What is Right for Me?

During your consult with X Factor Digital Marketing, we look at the entire picture: your budget, the amount you’d like to put out and would expect to come in with customers and finally the competitiveness of the market. Often times it is not one or the other (PPC or SEO), yet a see-saw of both; a percentage of PPC and SEO which is shifted as per the market and your individual needs.

To learn more about SEO and PPC contact X Factor Digital Marketing Today (908) 376-6291 or email!

2 Jan 2014

Why Your Business Should Be Using Google Hangouts

Part video conference, part webinar, Google Hangouts have been growing in popularity and proving to be a useful tool for both digital marketers and webpreneurs around the world.

All that is technically needed to hold or be a participant in a Google Hangout is a free Google Account. Hook up your webcam and you can live stream video broadcasts from your Google+ profile, YouTube channel, or best yet, your own website. When the event is over you can save your recorded Google Hangout and share it on any of your web properties.

So how can Google Hangouts help your new media efforts?

1. Product/Services Overview

A Google Hangout is a great way to showcase a new product or service. Aside from being a free announcement that is available to the world, Hangouts can be incredibly interactive if you choose. That means you can open the event up to participants to ask questions via video or text chat. This is a great way to give a 360-view of what you are marketing.

2. Roll Out Webinars

To succeed online, it is imperative to establish yourself as an authority in your field. A great way to help you accomplish that is to demonstrate your knowledge and share information through Google Hangouts. Prove you are a subject matter expert by holding webinars that pertain to your field. You can end up increasing your online presence and growing your network, all while recruiting new potential customers.

3. Hold Meetings

With so much work being conducted remotely, Google Hangout gives businesses a free method to hold private meetings with staffers, no matter where each worker is located. Video meetings are useful because you are able to read visual cues such as facial expressions and body language. Video also tends to keep meeting participants more engaged and alert than the teleconference alternative. It’s also a lot cheaper than flying your staff around the globe to meet!

4. Teaching

The Internet has knocked down classroom walls, allowing lessons on every topic to be taught virtually. Consider adding a new revenue stream into the mix by offering paid courses. Sometimes it makes sense to give away what you know; other times it could be part of an over-arching business model.

Google Hangouts are growing in popularity and are a great free tool. Even Best Buy jumped into the fray this holiday season by offering shoppers last-minute gifting advice via Hangout. Familiarize yourself with these webcasts today, as you will only begin to see their popularity grow throughout 2014.

19 Dec 2013

3 Digital Marketing Trends We’re Watching in 2014

You would be hard pressed to find a digital marketing pro who is not excited for 2014.  The digital revolution continues to unfold every day, and there is no doubt that history books (digital, of course!) will show that the beginning of the 21st century housed a seismic shift in how human beings lived life because of technology.

Here are a few of the trends we are watching and excited about in 2014.


Smartphones have shifted from being a supplemental computing device to being the primary vehicle for how people connect.  Sales completed via a mobile device continue to grow. This obviously means more trouble for brick and mortar storefronts.  When a purchase is a simple click or two away, and the price is often cheaper, you will continue to see mobile be a disruptive force for companies operating physical venues.

Smartphones have never been faster or cheaper. And with many major phone carriers recognizing the need for affordable data plans, you can expect the saturation of these mobile devices to continue into sectors where they were previously not popular.

Wearable Technology

From the Fitbit to the Galaxy Gear to Google Glass, there is no doubt that wearable technology is on the upswing.  And it should be a marketer’s dream.  From knowing where a potential customer is, the route they took to get there…even how fast they are walking around the mall.  Of course this is sensitive data, but the value proposition might be there for consumers and data hungry companies to strike a deal.  Whether or not that happens in 2014 remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that “smart” fabrics and watches and other wearable items are on the upswing.

Private Sharing

As Millennials start to turn away from Facebook, and older generations become increasingly concerned about putting their lives on display in the public domain, there has been a growing trend towards private sharing and disposable media.  In 2014 marketers will be hard at work looking for touchpoints to reach the growing number of folks who would rather share words, pictures and videos with their circles in private.  The success of SnapChat also seems to be parking a consistent rumor that Instagram will eventually allow people to share images that ‘self destruct’ after a user-set time. The trend of putting it all out there is fading and a new era of private sharing might be ushered in.

Be sure to subscribe and check our blog regularly as we’ll be watching these exciting 2014 trends for you!

18 Dec 2013

The Recipe for Creating Killer Content

The recipe to creating killer content is not a secret. Our blogging experience has taught us that the most successful blog posts in terms of page views, sharability and click-throughs include at least TWO out of these FOUR  ingredients:

– They offer actionable advice

– They take a controversial stance

– They elicit emotion

– They are timely

Before you start on a blog post for your business, be sure you are adding the right items into the mix.

Actionable Advice

You’ve heard the expression, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ That’s exactly what your blog reader is thinking.  In this age of bite-size information, many people troll the Web looking to learn and grow.  Since you are an authority in your field, people are looking to you for help.  Be sure to offer advice that is straightforward, concise, and easy to implement.  No one knows your business better than you.  Share information that can help the reader and they will be more likely to share your blog post — and more importantly — come back for more.

Controversial Stance

As a business owner you work hard to appeal to the masses. After all, you never know where that next sale is coming from.  However, most readers are savvy and can sniff out benign blog posts that are merely designed to populate today’s blog and get recognition from major search engines. Don’t be afraid to take a contrarian view on an issue you feel strongly about.  Do it in a fact-based manner and be sure to address both sides of the issue. Often, you can get your point across without ever attaching the stance to you or your business.  People love drama and are drawn to posts that offer an interesting vantage point.

Elicit Emotion

Much like controversy, people are drawn to feelings.  There’s a reason people love to see pictures of a fox playing nicely with a dog.  Or a puppy rescued from a drain.

Whether you are pulling at heartstrings or leveraging the power of fear, be sure that your words have the ability to conjure up emotion.


People love to click on things that are relevant.  And I mean like happening now relevant.  Stay in tune with the latest trends and news cycle and incorporate some of those concepts and phrases into a blog post.  For example, draw a parallel to something that a lot of people are currently interested in (i.e. – Obamacare, a holiday, a weather event, etc.)

Blogging is not a science, but use these key ingredients as part of your formula and you will be one step closer to entertaining readers and retaining them.

20 Nov 2013

We Love it When Our Work Goes Viral!

X Factor Digital Marketing recently launched, the first ever fully responsive website dedicated solely to male plastic surgery in NYC.

As the website is quickly going viral we would like to thank for their amazing write up! Click here to read article



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